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KaiCards for iPhone and iPod Touch

Create and print your personal business cards with KaiCards in seconds!
Choose your contact data, select a design and instantly see a preview of your individual card.

  • New Custom photo backgrounds
  • 20 beautiful designs – more coming soon!
  • 12 distinct color schemes
  • Import and edit your contact data
  • Rotate to landscape mode for full screen view
  • Print to AirPrint-compatible printers
  • Generate a PDF and send it to your Mac or PC
  • Share cards on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr


Import your contact information from
the address book and edit your details.
Then select a design and choose your favorite colors. You instantly see a preview of your card.


Once you are happy with your card, select your preferred paper size, add crop marks or borders and get ready for printing.
View a PDF preview of your sheet, send it via e-mail or print directly to an AirPrint-compatible printer.


Help spread the word about KaiCards! Send your card to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. E-mail it to friends or simply
save it to your camera roll.

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KaiCards - Christoph Knittel